Bolognese kennel (FCI)

Maty Ve Maria

Debbie Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Dasty Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Keisy Queen, 2012 Flower, 2012

Debbie, Dasty, Keisy, Flower

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Our bolognese puppy

Everything start with puppy reservation

You can visit puppy in our Kennel when puppies are at the end of 4th week age. It is important socialization for a puppy.

Cathie - 5 years old Cathie - 8 weeks old Cathie - 11 days old

What we prepare for our puppy

I would like to thank to all owners of my puppies, that they are so perfectly prepare for coming of the new family member.

for Denny for Cathie for Criss

Before you bring a puppy to your home

Remove all dangerous things. (unsecured el. cables, sockets, washing powders we put on unreachable places) Houseplants can be also dangerous, some of them are poisonous for dogs.

We are going for our puppy

For the safety of the puppy I recommend bag with strong bottom or safety harness into the car.

Dasty - 3 months old Debbie - 15 weeks old Cathie - 8 weeks old

Puppies are with FCI pedigree only.

FCI Pedigree is guaranty, that from the puppy will grow up adult dog of this breed.

Puppies will go into new homes, when they are a least 9 weeks old. Our females and puppies are fed by superpremium food. You will take a puppy from our dog Bolognese dog kennel with the purchase agreement, FCI Pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, with a passport and a start puppy package.

important documents Debbie - 4,5 months old Alessio - 3 months old

Care about a puppy

All important information you will find in puppy-manual you received to your puppy.