Bolognese kennel (FCI)

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Debbie, Dasty, Keisy, Flower

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Puppy and new home

Preparing for a puppy Preparing for a puppy Preparing for a puppy


We need two, one for water and one for food.


We put the puppy bed in a place where is no draft. In the bed we place a blanket that is easy to wash. For starters there is no need to buy an expensive bed, because the puppy is growing fast and its teeth can destroy a lot of things.

Brushes, combs, shampoo

Since the first day, we should get puppy used to regular grooming. If we are consistent and we brush it regularly, your puppy will get quickly used to combing and will not protest, when the hair is longer and the combing will be more intensive. Use should comb it Combing thoroughly, no place can not be omitted. In the beginning you will need a special shampoo for dogs. Don't use a normal shampoo.


Definitely buy only dog toys in specialized stores for animals. Choose toy according to the size of our puppy. Avoid small objects that the puppy can swallow up.

We will need drops for ear cleaning (Otifree) or another one, pincette for ticks, pean for ears, deworming paste, dog collar, leash, box or safety harness into the car, clippers for claws.

Of course, good animal food

We feed superpremium kibble (dry food) then our puppy will be growing into a healthy dog. Quality food for dogs is definitely the basis for good growth and development of the dog. I don't recommend to save on the food - Bolognese dog has not big consumption and not quality food can have bad repercussion for his coat and health. Puppy must have for all day fresh water available!