Bolognese kennel (FCI)

Debbie Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Dasty Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Keisy Queen, 2012 Flower, 2012

Debbie, Dasty, Keisy, Flower

Czech version

About breed - Bolognese dog

Country of origin - Italy

Professional publications indicate that the Bolognese dog is a serious and peaceful nature. It's a very adaptable dog, suitable for novice dog owners.

Classification FCI

Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs.

Life expectancy

Bolognese dogs live to age 14 to 15 years

General appearance

Small size, stocky and compact, covered with a pure white coat, long and fluffy.


Bolognese dog is cheerful, kind, affectionate and lovable companion. It is playful and easily adaptable dog. It is a bold, creative, very obedient and docile, can learn a lot of nice pieces for fun. It is such a household jester and clown. It does not bite and it is not aggressive. To be distrustful of strangers, rather distant, but it loves its family immensely. He loves the company of children, but is also able to get use to company of older people. For its wonderful character it is called 'anti-stress dog'.


Long all over the body, from head to tail, from the top line to the feet. It is shorter on the muzzle. Rather fluffy, thus not lying flat, but in flocks; never forms fringes.


Pure white


Bolognese dogs require regular grooming for its hair. If the hair is stronger, just brush it once per week. Subtle variation is good to brush at least once every two days. The hairs around the muzzle and eyes should be washed and brushed regularly. It is very important to keep eyes clear, it will avoid excessive tearing, therefore, unwanted hair color in their surroundings. The hairs in the ears must be removed. Hairs between the pads of the feet should be cut regularly, especially in winter. Bolognese dogs, however it doesn't lose it's hair, with regular brushing the dead hair will be moved with the brush. It is suitable only for holding the flats, even if the flat is small.