Bolognese kennel (FCI)

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Bolognese female - Flower Zlínská vločka

Flower Zlínská vločka

born 21. 9. 2009

female is not for breeding

Mother Judy Valašské hory

Father Ugo Radamantino (import Italy)

Dog show

Club Champion

Czech Junior Champion

2x BOB, 3x CAC CZ, 2x CAC SK, 2x CAJC CZ

Czech National Winner 2011

BIS Junior 3, Best Junior

Best Puppy, BIS puppy 3

6,5 years old

6,5 years old

6 years old

4 years old

Christmas 2012

53rd day of pregnancy, 2012

Club champion, 2012

Club dogs show Starý Jičín, 2011

Club dogs show Starý Jičín, 2011

23 months old

National dog show Brno, 2010

Club dogs show Brno, 2010

4 months old

Christmas 2009

2 months old

awards from shows

Club Champion   Czech Junior Champion

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