Bolognese kennel (FCI)

Maty Ve Maria

Debbie Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Dasty Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Keisy Queen, 2012 Flower, 2012

Debbie, Dasty, Keisy, Flower

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Diary of bolognese puppies

1st week

The first day is challenging for breeders. It starts with the birth of the puppies. Each puppy we denote after childbirth colored ribbon, weigh it, record the weight and time of birth. Newborn puppy without fetal membranes and mucus must be dried and immediately attach to the mother as soon as possible. We must watch if the puppies sucked first milk. After birth, the mother and puppies need rest. Puppy comes into the world blind, deaf, toothless. Puppies alternately suck and sleep and defecate with the help of the mother.

Jimmy -  50 minutes after birth  Charlie - first day  Kevin - 3 minutes after birth

The puppies first 14 days have not developed by thermoregulation. Mother is heat up own body heat, it is also possible to use a heating blanket. Suitable quilts are VetBed and DryBed whose special fiber wicks away moisture, puppies and mother are warm and dry. The temperature in the room where are the puppies should be 25 - 27 ˚C. Mother female after birth must be wash and take care for her hygiene and cleanliness birthing box. The mother to take care about cleanliness of puppies.

Jessie - 6 days old  Cathie - 11 days old

The puppies do not need any special care from the breeder. All day alternately sleeping, suck and emptied by with the help of the mother. It is also common phenomenon weight loss puppies second day after birth. Other days start puppies gradually put on weight. When puppies lament are either hungry or not feel the warmth of mother (siblings) or need to be emptied. Mommy needs an unlimited supply of quality food and plenty of fluids. The breeder cares about cleanliness birth box.

2nd week

The puppies start to gradually open their eyes. They begin on the first attempts to growl and uncoordinated hint walk. It's time for the first deworming puppies + moms and the first cut nails.

Kenny - 2 weeks old

If the female has enough milk and puppies nicely put on weight, there is no reason to supplementary feeding. If not it is desirable supplementary feeding of dried breast milk for dogs. Breeder has to keep cleanliness whole birth box. Puppies sleep most of the day.

3rd week

The puppies discover the their own limbs, siblings and mother. They start by licking and nibbling to explore their immediate surroundings.

Falco - 3 weeks old  Kelvin - 3 weeks old

They nibble on her mother's ears, the tails siblings. First outbreaks of joy, wagging their tails. They trying to stand on feet and walk. For puppies starts to develop sense of smell and hearing. They begin to perceive each other. But most of day the puppies sleep.

4th week

The puppies are starting to play with each other. They manifest themselves aloud - growling. Their eyesight, hearing and sense of smell is already fully developed. Also requires regular checking and cutting of nails and cutting out the hair on the pads of the feet. We start slowly supplementary feeding. More time they spend gaming, but yet still sleeps most of the day. After a while we will need more space for their development, learning, games and hygiene habits.

Gerry - 4 weeks old  Jasper - 4 weeks old

The second deworming puppies + moms. It is built bigger playpen puppies have more space to play. It's the season playing, growling, biting, carrying objects, shaking with objects. When mutual games, learn to control the force biting and respond to feedback siblings. Starts an important period of puppies and it is human contact, children. Everything what breeder neglected, can have adverse effects for them.

5th week

Rapid development of puppies and a period games. Predominant group games of domination and hierarchy.

Christopher - 5 weeks old  Ian - 5 weeks old

To them from time to time also takes part mother and other members of the dog pack. This period is particularly important for the development of emotionally stable character and emotional harmony dog. A puppy will learn the correct behavior. Premature removing the puppy from the mother and siblings before seven weeks of age may result in poor social and emotional behavior of an adult dog.

puppies litter K - 5 weeks old

What is important is frequent contact with humans, children. Also for the first time to come time visit and explore the area outside playpens and bed. Puppies are pruned teeth.

6th week

Time for the third deworming puppies + moms. The puppies learn to get used to the crest. The first combing. If the weather outside is fine, the puppies are starting to get acquainted with the outdoor environment. The puppies tend to explore everything, eat ... (watch out for poisonous plants). The puppies are very curious.

Harwey, Henry, Happy - 6 weeks old  Frederico, Fabio - 6 weeks old  Ichigo, Ian - 6 weeks old

It is important period of early socialization. It is very important contact with people and children. It is not enough just cleaning around the puppies. Even if the mother is still breastfeeding, the main meal of the puppies should already be soaked puppy granules, or dry, which can be flavored good canned for pups. Speak with your veterinarian for first vaccination and microchip puppies.

7th week

The first vaccination and microchip puppies. Period of socialization. Group and individual games, the development of good hygiene habits. The games are intensive and involved in them mother and other members of the dog pack, which puppies sometimes radically educate and teach the correct canine behavior. The puppies from afar react to humans and other animals. Very important is human contact!!! In this period, the breeder already recognize the nature of the individual pups.

Falco - 7 weeks old  Isabelle, Ichigo - 7 weeks old

from 8 weeks

All puppies are already vaccinated, chipped. Groups games of pups, individual upbringing of the mother and the breeder. Strengthening hygienic habits.

Jessie - 12 weeks old  Harry, Happy - 9 weeks old

According to the mental and physical ripeness puppies, they are slowly beginning to go to their new homes. At the end of the 8th week ending role females - mother and breeder, and begins work for new owner puppies.

Falco - 8 weeks old  Cathie - 8 weeks old  Alessio - 3 months old

Start of the next period of socialization, upbringing and incorporate the into a new family.

puppies in new homes

Debbie - 3 years old  Cathie - 5 years old  Falco - 3 years old

I thank the owners for great care.