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Buying a bolognese puppy

Puppies must be at least 50 days old before being separated from their mother. It is a minimum age limit given by regulations of CMKU (Bohemian and Moravian Cynological Union). However, a good breeder considers a real maturity of a puppy - mental and physical maturity, and health issues. This includes also proper vaccination. A good breeder answers all questions concerning puppies and is happy to share experience and knowledge with the new owner (such as advices on puppy care, education, health, cosmetics etc.).

When taking eight week puppy Bolognese

• overall appearance of the puppy (puppy should be clean and odorless)

• should be lively, dewormed several times

• inoculated (I would not buy a puppy which is not at least once inoculated)

• teeth (the must be 6 incisors in the upper jaw and 6 incisors in the lower jaw)

• hernia (check if it doesn't have hernia)

• pure white color (in case of white Bolognese), head and ears can be beige (it will loose this coat during one year)

• pigments (frame around the eyes and nose should be black)

• the tail should be carried on the back

• should have a square build - how high so long

• coat should be thick

• Furthermore, the puppy should not limp and crash into things.

• Check whether the ears are clean and if possible, the puppy should pass the veterinary inspection.

What we must not forget

• have a look on puppy

• Vaccination certificate (including a record of vaccinations and deworming)

• Purchase Agreement

• Check the chip (must agree with the number in the purchase agreement and certificate of origin)

Purchase agreement

• breeder, puppy purchaser, including addresses and phone

• breed, kennel, name, date of birth

• identification number, chip

• guarantee a puppy