Bolognese kennel (FCI)

Maty Ve Maria

Debbie Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Dasty Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Keisy Queen, 2012 Flower, 2012

Debbie, Dasty, Keisy, Flower

Czech version

Bolognese kennel

Our first Bolognese dog Endy had not pedigree. He was constantly ill.

After a bad experience, we decided to buy a Bolognese puppy female - Flower, with a pedigree. This wonderful, cute and playful pup quickly won the hearts of our whole family. Flower grew up in a beautiful and successful female dog and I started to think about breeding these amazing dogs.

Our first puppies in our bolognese kennel Maty Ve Maria were born on 15th March 2012.

International certificate kennel

Ma ty - Kristýna (daughter), Ve - Veronika (daughter), Maria - grandmother

Puppies are with FCI pedigree only.

FCI Pedigree is guaranty, that from the puppy will grow up adult dog of this breed.

Puppies will go into new homes, when they are a least 9 weeks old. Our females and puppies are fed by superpremium food. You will take a puppy from our dog Bolognese kennel with the purchase agreement, FCI Pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, with a passport and a start puppy package.

Debbie Maty Ve Maria

patella luxation 0/0, PRA negative

(owner Sandra Block, Germany)

Mother Keisy Queen Luma Tomio, Father Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Aramisz

C.I.B. International Champion of Beauty, Netherlands Champion, German Champion

German Champion VDH, German Junior Champion, German Junior Champion VDH

World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018 - Excellent 4 (Champion class, 5 females)

World Dog Show Leipzig 2017 - Excellent 2, res. VDH-CAC (Champion class, 11 females)

14x BOB, 6x BOS, 14x CACIB, 20x CAC, 12x VDH-CAC, 25x Excellent 1

2x Junior BOB, 6x JCAC, 4x VDH-JCAC

Qualification for Crufts 2017, Qualification for Crufts 2016

Belgian Winner, Benelux Winner

Club Winner, 2x Landessieger, 3x Bundessieger, 2x Herbstsieger

Landesjugendsieger, 8x Best female

2x VP1, 2x Best baby in show

Janette Maty Ve Maria

(owner Julie Kozlová, the Czech Republic)

Mother Keisy Queen Luma Tomio, Father Benini Oliwer L'Amour de Bologne

Club Champion, Champion Slovakia, Club Junior Champion, Czech Junior Champion

4x BOB, 4x BOS, 4x CACIB, NDS, 7x CAC

CWC, BOJ, 3x CAJC, 11x Excellent 1, VP1

Czech National Winner 2019

Best junior, Club Winner puppy

Dasty Maty Ve Maria

(owner Tatjana Ilushina, Siberia)

Mother Keisy Queen Luma Tomio, Father Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Aramisz

Champion RKF, Russian Champion, Russian Junior Champion

6x BOB, BOS, 2x Class Winner, 4x CAC, 4x JCAC, 6x Excellent 1, 2x VP1

Champion RKF 2016, Champion RFLS 2015, Champion RKF 2015

2x Best junior, 2x Best puppy, Standard for the breed

Harry Maty Ve Maria

patella luxation 0/0, PRA negative

(owner Sandra Block, Germany)

Mother Flower Zlínská vločka, Father Dante Piccolo Amore

German Junior Champion, German Junior Champion VDH

CAC, VDH-CAC, 2x Junior BOB

6x JCAC, 5x VDH-JCAC, 7x Excellent

VDH-European Young Winner 2017, Best junior

Frühjahrsjugendsieger, Landesjugendsieger, Verbandsjugendsieger

Gerry Maty Ve Maria

PRA negative

(owner Hilary McArdell, the Great Britain)

Mother Keisy Queen Luma Tomio, Father Tinko Denajwen

Crufts 2017 - 1st Place (Post Graduate Dog, 6 dogs)

2x 1st Place Post Graduate Dog, 1st Place Junior dog

2x 1st Place Puppy dog

Irwin Maty Ve Maria

patella luxation 0/0, PRA negative

(owner Heidi Hallerström, Sweden)

Mother Flower Zlínská vločka, Father Benini Oliwer L'Amour de Bologne

BOB, BOS, Best male, CK, CAC, Excellent 1

BOB puppy 4-6 months old, 2x Best puppy, 3x 1HP

Enrico Maty Ve Maria

(owner Hana Rychtaríková, the Czech Republic)

Mother Flower Zlínská vločka, Father Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Aramisz

2x CAJC, 3x Excellent 1

Winner junior class, VP1