Bolognese kennel (FCI)

Maty Ve Maria

Debbie Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Dasty Maty Ve Maria, 2015 Keisy Queen, 2012 Flower, 2012

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Bolognese dogs show bolognese dog

Our females at dog shows Our puppies at dog shows

dog show

Janette Maty Ve Maria - the Czech Republic

1 year old, National dog show Olomouc 2018

Debbie Maty Ve Maria - Germany

Debbie - 10 months old, CAC Show, 2015

Dasty Maty Ve Maria - Siberia

Dasty - 17 months old, Dog Show CAC, Champion RKF 2015

Harry Maty Ve Maria - Germany

Harry - 16 months old, VDH-European dog show, 2017

Enrico Maty Ve Maria - the Czech Republic

Enrico - 11,5 months old

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„Proti blbosti i bohové bojují marně.“ Jan Werich